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Frequently asked questions

Why are the messages not updating?

Messages sent via the Calendar Clock Administrator application might take up to 15 minutes to appear in the Calendar Clock application. This is because the latter refreshes only every 15 minutes to save on energy and network consumption. If after 15 minutes the messages still do not appear, please check your internet connection and whether the correct device is connected. You can also refresh the messages by swiping down on the "Menu" page. If none of these things work, please contact me to look for a solution!

Where do I find the ID and Password?

The ID and Password can be found on the "Menu" page on the Calendar Clock application. It is possible that this page has been disabled by one of the Administrator applications. In that case it is not possible to see the ID and Password anymore. In this case the ID and Password can be found in the application of the Administrator application. You can generate a new ID and Password by re-installing the application.

I cannot navigate to the menu, how do I see the ID?

If you press the date 10 times on the Calendar Clock application, you will temporarily see the menu again and automatically navigate to it.

How do I show the weather?

If you have the Premium/Premium Plus version of the Calendar Clock administrator application, you can show the current temperature/weather. This can be enabled in the Preferences page. You will have to enter a city of choice for which the weather forecast will be shown. By letting you select a city, the Calendar Clock app does not need location permissions.

How does the automatic deleting of expired messages work?

If you turn on this feature in the Calendar Clock administrator application, then once a day a script will be executed that deletes all expired messages. Note that this feature only deletes messages that DO NOT repeat.

How do I change the appearance of the Calendar Clock application?

The appearance of the Calendar Clock application can only be changed from the Administrator application. The person with this app can connect to the Calendar Clock and then go to the "Preferences" page to change the appearance.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. The apps do not contain ads and your data is not being sold. The apps can be downloaded for free and contain no subscription model. There is a one-time in-app-purchase that unlocks extra functionalities, such as the ability to connect to infinite amounts of Calendar Clocks.

Can I use Calendar Clock app without also using the Administrator application?

Yes, the Calendar Clock Administrator application is not needed for the Calendar Clock application to be used. However, it is not possible to customise the appearance of the clock in the Calendar Clock application.

Can I connect multiple devices?

Yes, the Calendar Clock Administrator application can be connected to at most 3 devices using the Basic/Premium version and to as many devices as you want in the Premium Plus version.

Which languages are supported?

Currently UK English, US English, Turkish, Bulgarian, German, French, Indonesian, Finnish, Danish, Spanish, Slovenian, Italian, and Dutch are supported. If you want to help with getting more languages in the app, please reach out!