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About us

The inspiration for the app came from a neighbor with a mother with dementia, who posed a simple yet thought-provoking question: "Why would I buy a new device when I have plenty of old tablets lying around that are perfectly suitable?" This remark underscored the pressing market demand.

Soon after the app's initial release, a flood of emails poured in, offering countless suggestions and feedback on how to enhance its functionality. Consequently, the app has evolved into one of the most customizable options available, with new features continuously added each month.

Another pivotal moment arose when an email arrived with a request: "I would like to use the app for my parent too; can I help you translate the app to…?" These gestures opened the doors to more community involvement, leading to Calendar Clock becoming available in 16 different languages!

Join us on this incredible journey of transformation and inclusivity. Download the app today!

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Calendar Clock improves the physical and mental health of people with cognitive dysfunction.


Minimizing the effects of cognitive dysfunction by use of technology.

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