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Calendar Clock

The Calendar Clock is a clock with a messaging functionality that supports those with reduced awareness of time and/or memory problems, such as from dementia/Alzheimer's.

Calendar Clock application

Calendar Clock

Calendar Clock application

Calendar Clock shows the part of the day and time (analogue or digital) and shows important agenda items, reminders and/or personal messages. These messages can be created/edited/deleted on the user's device.

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quoteTrying this app with an older relative. Hoping it helps them keep track of the days and nights better. Looking forward to the message feature as well.quote
quoteThis can help with not just dementia but other neurological disorders as well. I love this idea.quote
quoteThis is great! I would definitely use this at work or suggest it to family members/caretakers of dementia patients.quote

Calendar Clock Administrator

With the Calendar Clock Administrator app, after linking to the user's Calendar Clock, messages can also be created/edited or deleted remotely on the Calendar Clock application.

Calendar Clock Administrator application

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How it works

Calendar Clock main screen

Install and open Calendar Clock

Calendar Clock shows the time and can show important calendar events and/or personal messages. You can create messages that will be displayed below the clock between the indicated times. These messages can also be created from another device via the Calendar Clock Administrator app. The Calendar Clock refreshes every 15 minutes.

Calendar Clock Administrator accounts screen

Connect to Calendar Clock Administrator

To post messages from the Calendar Clock Administrator app, you first need to connect the two devices with the ID and Password.

Calendar Clock Administrator messages screen

Send messages

In the Calendar Clock Administrator app you can also disable the functionality to create messages, change colours, and indicate a preference for the analogue or digital clock.

Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is this app?

This app is designed with elderly citizens with memory problems from, for instance, dementia/Alzheimer's in mind. However, you are free to use the app for whatever other purposes you see fit.

Can I connect multiple devices?

Yes, the Calendar Clock Administrator application can be connected to as many devices as you want.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. We don't have ads and don't sell data. The apps can be downloaded for free and contain no subscription model.

Can I use Calendar Clock separately?

Yes, the Calendar Clock Administrator application is not needed for the Calendar Clock application to be used. However, it is not possible to customise the appearance of the clock in the Calendar Clock application.

Which languages are supported?

Currently we support UK English, US English, and Dutch. If you want to help us to get more languages in the app, please contact us!

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