Safe Use of Calendar Clock

Introduction and objective

Calendar Clock offers the possibility to connect super easily with people with cognitive dysfunction, people with dementia and frail elderly. The simplicity of Calendar Clock does require additional measures to ensure the privacy of all those involved around the people. On the one hand, this document contains information about how Calendar Clock deals with data protection and privacy and, on the other hand, it provides instructions to all those involved with regard to the use of Calendar Clock.

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Data protection

Calendar Clock has included data protection in its Privacy Policy. Users always confirm to be aware of this document. Reference is made to

In summary, we do it as follows:

Users have the following rights:

Privacy of users and data subjects

Each User enters into an agreement with Calendar Clock in which reference is made to our Terms and Conditions. The section “Secrecy, privacy and data protection” explicitly discusses privacy.

The following sentence is important in this context: “The Calendar Clock Apps can give its Users significant control through easy insight into the daily situation of the vulnerable involved by the device on which Calendar Clock Apps are installed. It is expressly pointed out to the Customer that the low threshold of the product also entails risks. In this context, reference is made to the document “Safe Use of Calendar Clock”. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, the Customer confirms that it is aware of these risks, that it uses the "Safe Use of Calendar Clock" document and that it adequately organizes, implements, adjusts and supervises the organization around the use of the Calendar Clock Apps. keeps details of use, as well as informs all internal and external stakeholders around the vulnerable about the operation and risks of the product.”

Special points of attention regarding the use of the Calendar Clock Apps

Calendar Clock attaches great importance to respecting everyone's privacy. That is why it is important that every person involved participates in guaranteeing everyone's privacy. Everyone should always keep in mind that the Calendar Clock Apps can work with a camera and microphone. The following special points for attention are therefore important.

User of Calendar Clock User App:

Users of the Calendar Clock Administrator App